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How to apply filters on tasks in FeetPort mobile app?

Now the users can create filters for tasks to view the task data based on those filters. The filters can be based on any value available in activity form.

You can follow below steps to create and apply filters in FeetPort app:

    1. From the FeetPort app home page, tap on the 'Activities'.
    2. Click on the activity in you want to create the filter.
    3. Go to Filter tab from bottom bar.
    4. Now click on Add Filter.
    5. Now Enter Title, description and Select icon of the filter, then click Save.
    6. Now Enter field name then select condition or equation.
    7. After that Enter the result to be shown in filter.
    8. You can create multiple filters and then click Add Filters to save them
    9. Now you can view all the created filters in filter tab.