How to create a follow up for a task from FeetPort app? (Android)

Follow-ups are necessary for long lasting business relationships. It keeps the customers feel valued and satisfied. Following up reminds your customers that you are serious about dealing in their business and they can rely on you.

A field user can create a follow-up for a visit to customer. This feature can be configured as per the company requirement.

Follow-up for a task can be created through  following steps:

  1. From Home page of FeetPort app, go to the Activity in which you need to create a follow-up for a task.
  2. Under 'Completed' tab, click on 'Follow-up'option against the desired task.
  3. Click on 'Schedule' tab.
  4. Now select the Date for follow -up with Time.
  5. Also, you can set the repeat frequency of the follow-up if required.
  6. Click on the  option on the upper right corner to save the follow-up.
  7. Now your task has been scheduled. 


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