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How to defer a task in FeetPort app? (Android)

A user can save a task for later and he can complete after sometime. This option is called as Defer the task. When user completes the activity form and completes the task, he gets two options: Submit Later and Submit Now.

When user clicks on Submit Now, the task gets completed and synced in FeetPort web. If user clicks on Submit Later, the task is deferred and saved temporarily in device.

Next time, a user wants to complete a task later on, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to Activities and then select the activity form.
  2. Under Pending tab.
  3. Click on +icon to start a new task.
  4. This will lead the user to Check In page and then Form.
  5. After filling pending details, user will have 2 options Submit Now and Submit Later.
  6. User can click on Submit Later under Finish tab to save the task for sometime and complete it later.