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How to fill assigned Forms when visit to retailer via FeetPort mobile app?

FeetPort gives you the facility to Insert task and assign them to mobile user later on as per requirement.  These tasks can be Assigned to Mobile users and them fill that form from the Mobile App. Please follow the below steps to fill the assigned Form :

  • From the FeetPort app home page, tap on the 'Activities'.
  • Click on the Tasks and select any assigned form which user want to fill.
  • Now click on the + icon to fill the form.
  • Tap to check in first and then click on the pencil icon .
  • Now fill the data in the form according to the fields such as Name, date, Address, Mobile number etc.
  • Go to the finish page and click on submit now.
  • Finally check your submitted form to tap on the double check icon.
  • My completed page will be open , now user can see his completed task over there.