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How to manually create task in URVA1 app (Android)?

URVA1 gives Mobile users the liberty to create tasks through the Mobile application. Let's see the process  for doing the same:
  • From the URVA1 app home page, tap on the 'Activities'.
  • Click on the activity in which the user wants to perform the task.
  • Click on the “+” icon appearing at the bottom right corner under the Mobile tab. It will compose a fresh task.
  • Enter Task title if required.
  • Select if you want to start the task now or schedule it.
  • Tap on CHECK-IN (if it's there) to proceed.
  • The FORM tab will appear and now start filling in the relevant information.
  • Capture Media ( Images and Signatures) and other fields.
  • Tap on FINISH Tab on top.
  • Tap on Submit Now to complete the task or click Submit later if you want to complete task after some time.
  • The task is updated to the server and the Web User can view the details filled in the same.



Click the Video : Manual task composition by mobile user