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How to save a task temporarily in FeetPort and complete it later? (Android)

A field user can start the assigned task and then save it temporarily for sometime to complete it later. This feature is called 'Defer the task' which simply means the field user can save it for hours or days and then complete it by clicking 'Submit Now.

For example: IF user visits a customer location but is not able to find the customer or customer is busy and not able to place order at that time then the user can just save the details of customer in the same task with tagged location and can save the task temporarily in device by clicking 'Submit Later' option. 

This will not sync the task details to server and data will remain saved in user's device. When the customer is available on later days, the user can START the saved task and add order details/pending details and he can finish the task by clicking 'Submit Now' option.

Here is how you can save/ defer the task in FeetPort App:

  1. From home page go to activities.
  2. Click on the activity form assigned to you.
  3. Now click on START option under pending tab or click the +icon to start a new task.
  4. Check In and add details in the form.
  5. Now click on Finish tab and you will get two options Submit Later and Submit Now.
  6. Click on Submit Later to save the task temporarily.
  7. Later on you can find the task under Pending tab in Activities. Click on START to open the task again and finish it by clicking Submit Now.