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I am not able to check in. Error " Move closer to planned address to Check-In". What should I do?

Web user can mandate the user to Check and Start the task within a particular radius of the Customer Address with Geo Fencing option.

In this option, web user can set a location restriction around a certain address for example a customer's address. If user will try to check in outside that area, he will get a message pop-up "Move closer to planned address to Check-In". He will be able to check in only when he is in geo fence area.

User can create task in geo fence area by following these steps:

  1. Tap on the Activity from home page in which task needs to be done
  2. Tap on "+icon" on top to create a  new task
  3.  Now if you are inside geo fence area, you can tap on CHECK IN to proceed.
  4. If you are outside geo fence area, the you will get this message pop-up "Move closer to planned address to Check-In " when you click on CHECK IN. In this case, you need to further navigate to the planned address or customer address to check in.
  5. FORM tab appears, fill relevant information in form fields
  6. Take Images and Signature
  7. Capture Media as per requirement
  8. Once form is filled, tap on Finish tab to proceed
  9. Tap on Submit Now to upload the task