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How a field user can view his data in form of Performance graphs?

Now FeetPort provides the field user to view his performance/ task data for the past days in form of graphs which will help them to check and evaluate their performance. The graphs will usually show the number of task completed by them in last week or month.
Also, field users will be aware of their performance and keep doing tasks with more dedication and effort.

A field user can view his task data by following these steps:

  1. From theĀ FeetPort app home page, go to the 'Activities'.
  2. Click on the Analytics.
  3. Now he will be able to view the list f graphs assigned to him by his supervisor.
  4. Click on any Graph Name.
  5. The graph will appear with the achieved data. Graphs can be in bar graphs, pie chart or line graphs that web user can customized from Feetport web.