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Examples of Whatsapp Templates for Converge

Below are some examples of the templates that can be sent for a opening message from Converge to Whatsapp aproved by Whatsapp:

  • Hi {{1}}. Please note this is as our new number for reaching relationship managers
  • Namaskar. My name is {{1}} and I am here to help you
  • Hi {{1}}. Is there any query on your account that I can help with?
  • Thank you. Confirming our meeting on {{1}} at {{2}} on the link {{3}}
  • Hi, {{1}} this side from {{2}}. This is to inform you that I am your Relationship Manager and will be available to resolve all your queries
  • {{1}} has checked-in at customer {{2}}'s {{3}} location {{4}}
  • A total of {{1}} tasks have been completed today by the {{2}} team
  • Your team member {{1}} has submitted an order of value {{2}} from customer {{3}} at location {{4}}
  • The requested report for {{1}} is now ready. You can view it by opening the link {{2}}
  • Thank you for signing up for {{1}}. Your verification link is {{2}}
  • {{1}} has met {{2}} at {{3}} at address {{4}}. The comments shared are: {{5}}
  • Your ticket {{1}} has been resolved. Please visit our {{2}} to view the detailed status
  • Our {{1}} has visited you to collect amount of {{2}}. Please provide whole amount and share the OTP for validation as {{3}}. For any dispute, please contact our team at {{4}}
  • Our {{1}} will be visiting you on {{2}}, between {{3}} for {{4}} at address {{5}}. Please be available
  • Dear Customer, invoice of amount {{1}} regarding the repair of your product with work order {{2}} has been sent on your email, please check the same
  • Dear Customer, our executive {{1}} with mobile number {{2}} will deliver your order today. Please keep invoice amount ready, please ignore if already paid
  • Your order with ID {{1}} is delivered. Thank you for the payment. For any queries, please contact our customer care number {{2}}
  • {{1}} has marked their attendance at {{2}} from {{3}}


Note: {{1}}, {{2}} and {{3}} indicates dynamic fields like name, phone number etc.