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FeetPort Data Merge

To enhance User experience on FeetPort web portal, we have made changes in regards to the differentiation of FeetPort Users in web. Previously FeetPort had two types of Users:
  1. Web Users
  2. Mobile Users

There were two sub-modules in FeetPort web portal.

  • Now we have introduced one single module for all the Users including Admin Users and Field Users- USERS


  • Users will be differentiated on the basis of Roles assigned to them. One who is using FeetPort on Web will have a different role with permissions and one who is using FeetPort on mobile device will have a different role with mobile access.
  • However, user data can be viewed as per filter available like as All, Mobile with Web Permissions and Web



  • Admin user can also login into the mobile app if access has been given to his role. For example:- For Testing and analysing.