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How can I use Freshchat inside mobile app?

Your business lives on mobile. Your messaging experience should too.

Freshchat works seamlessly with your mobile apps to make messaging a non-siloed and integrated experience.

In-app chat

 Reach out to your users proactively, or allow your app users to first get in touch with you - for order updates, delivery status, support queries or responding to in-app campaign messages.

Users can pick specific message channels to start messaging your business around their concerned topic. Channels let you streamline and route conversations to the right teams. Welcome messages in channels are configurable and help you set the context for the conversation and manage user expectations.

Native FAQs ensure your users can look up answers all the time, even on flaky networks. Picture messages increase the efficiency of interaction, while deep-links enhances the user experience by taking them to the right content or screen directly.

Push notifications

Alert users with push notifications to ensure they do not miss out on conversations when they are not actively using your app or are out of your app. Delight your users with an asynchronous, convenient and native mobile experience.

Click here to integrate Freshchat on your Android app and here to integrate it on your iPhone app. 

Steps to use FRESHCHAT :

      FRESHCHAT is an application which has been created to help users to ask about their issues via different modes which are discussed below : 

Enter user ID and password to switch on Freshchat account.
2.There is a team box on the left side of the Freshchat screen, which has two catagories , Priority team inbox and Team inbox.
Priority team box has a feature to give response to the customer in
three ways , First response due, response due and no response due which can be shown in filter icon.
 Team inbox is basically used to see the number of conversations from the customers side.
4. Open the particular conversation to see the exact issue and give response to the customer.
5. By open the particular conversation you can be able to see all the information of that customer like his name, email ID, Phone number etc on the right side of the Freshchat mannual.

6. There are different modes such as web site, help & support and whatsapp to receive queries from the customers and give response to them.
7.Freshchat also has a option to give reply to the customer in
private note.
8. Freshchat user can share media such as video , photographs, attach file and also can fix meeting.
9. User also can create pre-messaging such as templates for quick response by using Freshchat.
10. On the left side in nevigation menu, there is an option
( People) to see all the reports. Under reports you can search all the data and issues related to the customers to see the status of queries like they are pending or resolved.
11. There is a
Freshchat switcher on the down left corner in which user can see and edit his profile and also can log out his account.