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What type of whatsapp templates can be made in Converge?

A WhatsApp message template is a message format that you can use over and over again to message users once they have opted-in and given your app permission to send them messages.
To use a message template, you must first submit it to WhatsApp. WhatsApp reviews and approves each message template, typically in 48 hours or less, to maintain high-quality content and avoid spam. Once WhatsApp has approved your template, you can use the message template to send notifications.
Here are the different ways with which you can send first message to your customers:
  • Sending non-template messages within a 24-hour session

    If a WhatsApp user has sent your application a message — whether it’s a reply to one of your outbound messages, or they have initiated communication themselves — your application has a 24-hour window (sometimes called a “24-hour session”) to send that user messages that don’t need to use a template.

    When your application sends a message to a WhatsApp user outside a 24-hour session, the message must use an approved template.

  • WhatsApp notification categories:  Your WhatsApp message templates must fall into one of the following categories:-

    • Account Update: Let customers know about updates or changes to their accounts.
    • Alert Update: Send important updates or news to customers.
    • Appointment Update: Send confirmations, reminders, or other updates to customers about their appointments.
    • Auto-Reply: Send auto-replies to customers when your business isn’t online or available to respond right away.
    • Issue Resolution: Respond to questions, concerns, or feedback from customers about your business.
    • Payment Update: Send a message to customers about their payment.
    • Personal Finance Update: Send a message to customers about their personal finances.
    • Reservation Update: Send confirmations, reminders, or other updates to customers about their reservations.
    • Shipping Update: Send shipping updates to customers about their orders.
    • Ticket Update: Send ticketing information or updates to customers.
    • Transportation Update: Send transportation information or updates to customers.
  • Creating message templates and submitting them for approval: If you want to send notifications outside of the 24-hour window need to create their own templates for these messages.

    • Template name: Must be a unique name and can only contain lowercase alphanumeric characters and underscores.
      Tip Use a name that helps WhatsApp’s reviewer understand the purpose of your message, for example "order_delivery" rather than "template_1"
    • Template category: Select the one that best fits your use case.
    • Message language: Select from the languages provided by WhatsApp.
    • Message body: The text of the message that you want to send.


Please note that the following are not allowed by WhatsApp’s Business API:

  • Marketing or promotional content This includes any offers, coupons, free gifts, upselling, cold call messages and/or surveys to collect data. Certain words that may make the template sound promotional may also cause it to be rejected.
    Note As of October 15, 2020, this rule does not apply to businesses registered in Mexico and Indonesia in the Facebook Business Manager.
  • Subscription messages Subscription content, including newsletters or blog post alerts, are not allowed on WhatsApp.