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Add customers data in Customer Collection

Customer data can be uploaded on the FeetPort web portal that can be assigned to the field users. This helps the field user to find the customer details for a customer visit.

To add or bulk upload customers, make sure Customer collection is created. ( To know how to create customer collection, click here: How to create customer collection? )

Add customers one by one:
  1. In your web console, go to the Customers under Collections.
  2. Collection will open. (Select the customer collection from the list)
  3. Click on the +NEW icon and then click on ITEM to add customers ONE BY ONE.
  4. Add customer details in fields like Name, Mobile Number, Email ID etc. Click on Next after filling the whole fields.
  5. Finally click on SUBMIT  and your user will be created.

Add Customers in Bulk :
  1. In your web console, go to the Customers under Collections.
  2. Select the customer collection  in which you want to add the data.
  3. Click on the +NEW icon and then choose UPLOAD to add customers in bulk.
  4. Click on TEMPLATE to download in excel sheet.
  5. Enter Customer details in excel template.
  6. Drag and Drop excel file or choose file to Upload.  (You can delete all previous data by clicking on Purge All Data option if required. Skip it you want to keep old data as it will delete the whole data in the company database)
  7. Select Skip Validation if you want to avoid any validation of data while uploading excel sheet like validation based.
  8. By selecting Assignment Condition, you can assign collection data to specific user based on location/ area or branch. Select the location and then selet sepcific user to assign.
  9. Click on UPLOAD. Finally data in EXCEL sheet will be uploaded.