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How to Upload Retailer data manually

Now FeetPort users can add the data one by one(manually) and upload it by following below steps: 

  1. In your web console from the navigation menu on the left click on Collection module.


  2. Click on Collection.


  3. Customer Collection page will be open then Click on the Customer Collection in which you want to add data.

  4. Retailer data Collection will be open, now you can see there is a +ADD icon in blue label.


  5. Click on +ADD button to add the Retailer data.
  6. A Form will be open which has two options, one by one and Excel.



  7. Choose One by one to add data manually.
  8. Now the form will be open and user can add the details in the Form such as Name, Address, Contact Number, Emai ID.


  9. After fill up all the details ,user can assign the activity to the mobile user by choosing Select User option as you can see in the picture.


  10. After assign data to the mobile user,Click on the Submit button to create Retailer data.


  11. Finally the data will be uploaded.