Creating a Hierarchy

To create a Hierarchy follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. On you web console go to Foundation Module and click on Hierarchy sub module.
  2. Click on plus icon on right hand top for adding new level
  3. Enter organizational details ie. Organization name and unique code
  4. Click on create for creating an organizational level
  5. After creating organizational level click on newly created level
  6. Click on Plus icon
  7. Enter territory name and code
  8. Select relevant activity to map with the territory
  9. Click on create to complete it 


Your organizational hierarchy has been created.


Organisation level / hierarchy can be modified by clicking on pencil icon in front of every level and then click on update button.

Organisation level can be deleted by clicking on delete icon in front of Organisation level name. It can't be deleted until and unless it is having Activities in it. 


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