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Configure Email

Want to send Email to your customer / partner, after every visit done by your field team, don't worry we have this sorted for you. FeetPort gives you the facility to send Email at any action performed in mobile app / web console. This email can be sent to customer / partner / mobile user / anyone (even though they are not using FeetPort).  For example if your mobile user has picked some product from customer , then a confirmation email can be sent to customer confirming product / user and pick up details. Customer is also rest assured that their product is in safe hands.Let's learn how to configure these email in FeetPort:In. You can send Auto Emails to your Customer's / Partner's, let's learn how to do that  :

Create Email template :

  1. Click on the Email template option in FeetPort navigation menu.
  2. To create an email template click  '+' icon 
  3. Specify a "Template name" and click NEXT to proceed
  4. Choose Organization level and Activity name for which email needs to be configured 
  5. Define the email format in the box, task PDF can be included in the mail (just drag and drop the Task PDF optio appearing under meta option appearing at left)
  6. Click NEXT and FINISH to save the template

Now this email template needs to be mapped with the activity as we need to define when and to whom this mail should be sent:

  1. Open the Activity and click on Configuration option
  2. Click on Configuration Template
  3. This will display different states of task, choose state where sms needs to be sent
  4. Choose Receiver, Mode as email and Template from the Drop Down
  5. Click on SAVE appearing at top right side, this will initiate sms everytime task comes in that particular state.