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Create Collection

FeetPort facilitates you to create your own database from back end and map it with your Activity. So users are hassle free they just have to enter two digits to search and relevant data will be Auto populated. That's what we call "COLLECTION".

Let's learn how to create a Collection

Create Collection

  1. Click on Collection option, under Foundation in navigation menu
  2. Click the '+' icon appearing on top right hand side to create new collection
  3. Give name to the collection
  4. Click on Configuration : enter collection code, Sub type defines type of collection that needs to be created : Person/Place/ Process/ Product. You can choose Product if your company is dealing with products for taking orders Or Person if you want to create your customer / retailer's database
  5. Drag and drop fields as per requirement, for example : Person Name/ Address/ Mobile Number/ Territory etc
  6. For each field you can define the properties of the field
  7. Click on Tick mark appearing on the top to Save the Collection




Upload Data to Collection