Creating a Role and Permissions

Every Web User has a assigned role and it has permissions given. Based on these permissions this user can access his console.

To create a role and give his permissions follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Go to Identity Management Module and click on Roles and Permissions sub Module  
  2. Click on '+' icon to add new role
  3. Chose name, parent role and fill description
  4. Now from the right hand side click on the module and select the sub module which you want to permit for the role
  5. After giving permissions of the modules click on Floppy disk icon on top right hand to save the role
  6. After you save this Role has been created. Now you choose the Webuser you want to assign this role to.
  7. Click on pencil icon in info tab to edit info
  8. Now go to role assigned and give the Webuser his relevant role 
  9. Click on updaterole.gif