Creating Quiz

A place where your knowledge about the product is tested. Under this module, you can view the pending, active and the completed quiz. 

  1. From the navigation menu, click on the Learning module.
  2. Then click on the Quiz module.
  3. Click on the '+' icon to create a new quiz.
  4. Fill the required fields like Quiz name, Quiz type and choose Category for the questions.
  5. Choose the difficulty level form the drop down menu. Select the percentage number for the category of questions.
  6. Define marks for the each Correct answer. If wants to add negative marking, then define the negative marks in respective field.
  7. Choose start date, end date and the time of the day of the quiz.
  8. Select when to show the correct answer in the quiz form the drop down menu.
  9. Select Show Number of Questions, Allow Skipping Question and Allow Changing Answer to enable them.
  10. Click Next to create quiz.