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Defining Area

Area and mapping is a helpful tool to plan tour for any specific user. FeetPort facilitates web user to plan tour of the Mobile users who can view areas in their mobile application. Mobile users can also define the same within the application which will be notified to the web user. First step to do the same is to upload all areas in which company wants team to visit. Lets see how manager can define areas :

  1. Click on Area and mapping module under Navigation Menu.
  2. Under Area tab, click on '+'  to add new areas
  3. You may add Latitude, longitude, address and area name, if you are aware otherwise 
  4. You may click on view map icon to search area
  5. In the search tab enter area name and press Enter. The area will be searched and displayed on screen on map
  6. Click on SUBMIT
  7. Specify Area Name
  8. Click SAVE

Area is created and you may proceed to map it with your users.

Office meeting can be created as area to map with user

OR If you have the area list you may upload the same by uploading excel. Just follow below procedure :


  1. Click on Area under Presence module from Navigation Menu
  2. Under Area tab, click on +  to add new areas.
  3. Click on EXCEL option 
  5. Add your data in excel.
  6. Upload excel and all areas are added.

You can check the video as well : Define area

Now you may proceed to mapping these areas to your users. :)

Mapping Area with Mobile User