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How to Bind collection with Activity?

To connect a collection to an activity form, make sure an activity has been created. Click here to know how to bind collection with activity.


  • In your web console from the navigation menu on the left click on Configuration and then go to Activities.
  • Open an activity and click on Edit.
  • Now go to the settings and click on toggle in front of Collection.
  • Click on the Select a collection option and pick collection from the dropdown.
  • Now go to the Form builder and different Interfaces will appear on the right side, choose the Interfaces as per requirements like text, name, number, address etc.
  •  Click on the properties icon for the particular interface and properties will open on the right side.
  • Go to the Collection property and choose populate from the given options to bind the collection with the activity.
  • Now pick up the data for stage( such as insert, mobile, finish), collection( name of the collection which will be mapped with activity ), item( name of the specific column of to bind with activity)from the dropdowns.
  • Go to the back arrow  to save the collection
  • Finally click on save button and update the activity.