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How to change permissions in a workflow ?

Workflow permissions can be changed or updated  as per requirement. 

This can be done in following ways:

  1. From the Left Navigation, go to Workflow under Configuration
  2. Choose the workflow you want to edit and click Next. (Click here to know:  How to create a new workflow ? )
  3. Click on Edit for a particular state to modify the access for that particular stage.
  4. Click on the check boxes to add or remove the access for features.
  5. Click Update to save changes.
  6. Make changes for any of the workflow state in the same manner.
  7. Now you can define Movement of State if required (Please make sure there are minimum two states present having "Move Case" as property) by clicking on Next.
  8. Click on Next  after updating the workflow movement.
  9. Check the Workflow properties.
  10. Click on Update to save the changes made in workflow.