How to configure Leave Type?

To configure type of leaves and leave bands, please follow the below steps:

Leave Type

To create leave type please follow steps mentioned below:

  1. From, Navigation Menu, click on 'Configuration module'. 
  2. Click on Presence sub-module.
  3. Click on '+' plus icon to add a leave type.
  4. Enter details like type, unique code, priority and requirements along with title.
  5. Tap on Save to create leave type.

Webuser can create multiple types of leaves for the organization.

Leave Bands

Bands defined what type of leaves can be given to user. To create band follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. From Navigation Menu, click the Presence tab under Configuration module.
  2. Choose 'Bands' tab and click on '+' plus icon to add a new band. 
  3. Fill the required details in the given fields like name, code, geo attendance, holiday calendar and default approval level.  
  4. Also, choose the required fields by checking it.
  5. After filling all the fields of attendance settings and other fields, click on Save.


A organization can have multiple bands that totally depends on designation of the user.

Leave Master Log

Leave master log is used for uploading and processing of leaves. Web user can go to master log and find options like upload, configure and manual processing. 



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