How to Configure Score?

Scoring gives an Extra boost to the team. FeetPort has this unique feature to include/ define scoring into your activity. Scoring is defined for fields that have multiple/ single selection fields.

Based on what value user choose, score is calculated at end of the task. This score is sum of all the options chosen in the respective fields. Mobile user can view the score at the time of task completion.

Let us show you how to do that :

  1. Under the Configuration, go to the Activities.
  2. Open the Activity in which you have Multi/ Single Selection fields.
  3. Open properties of field that has Multi/ Single Selection option.
  4. In properties define Score against each option.
  5. Click on Activity Settings, select the Score option.
  6. Choose 'show score' option.
  7. Click on + icon for Advanced settings.
  8. Save the Activity.               

Once user taps on FINISH tab, Score is calculated and displayed.




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