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How to configure settings for allowing conversation in a task by the field user? (Task Comment)

FeetPort allows the field user to do a conversation with his supervisor while doing a task. This feature needs to be first configured by the web user from FeetPort web portal.
Web user can configure task comment by following these steps:
  1. From Navigation Menu, go to Configuration module and then Activities sub module.
  2. On General Setting tab, enable or disable the following:
    Allow conversation Enable to allow conversation between user and his supervisor
    Allow file attachment Enable file sharing through comment feature
    Allow location Enable to share location as well
    Allow Notify Assign User Enable to notify the user about new comment
    Allow Notify Creator Enable to notify the creator of task about new comment
    Allow Notify Reply to Users in thread Enable to notify the tagged persons in the thead
  3. Choose the options accordingly and Update the activity.
  4. Go to the Tasks module now.
  5. On right hand side click on comment beside logs of that particular task.
  6. Write back to the message by typing and press enter. This message will be received to the Mobile user in application.