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How to create a Public Page?

To configure public page follow below mentioned steps:
  1. From Navigation Menu, click the Activities module under Configuration.
  2. Open the activity for which you want to create public form
  3. Go to Settings option.
  4. Click on Public Page to enable it.
  5. Select number of columns to be seen on web page.
  6. Now add the below as per your preference:
    1. Submit Button Text
    2. Thankyou Text
    3. Thankyou page button label
    4. Thankyou page button link
    5. Hide wizard bullets
    6. Rich HTML Content for Header
    7. Header Content
    8. Custom footer content
    9. Footer content
    10. Enable Public Track
  7. Choose and select the other options according to requirement.
  8. Now click on the Save option to update the activity.
  9. The link at the top will be saved as your Public Page. This link can be shared with anyone to collect data.