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How to create Collection based dependency?

In Urva, we can auto populate the customer database on the basis if segregation. For example, if you have vast data and you want to differentiate the data on the basis of different aspects:

  1. In Navigation Menu, go to Configuration
  2. Then click to Activities.
  3. In Search interface, select the database.
  4. Now add one single-selection field in the form. Under Sub-Type,  select Auto-Complete. Now map the fields as below
    Parent Field None
    Interface Group This will be 1 for first field and will be numbered as per the added fields


    Select the database added in the form
    Item Select the column of which data is to be auto-populated in this form
    Interface Order  This will be 1 for first field and so on
  5. Now add other field as single selection field . Map the fields as above. Under item you have to keep selecting the column name and its data will be auto-populated in the dropdown.
  6. When you are done with the data screening, then just add the final text fields in which data will be auto-populated and form fields will be filled.