How to create & edit an SMS template?

If you want to send SMS to your customers, after every visit done by your field team, don't worry we have this sorted for you. FeetPort gives you the facility to send SMS at any action performed in mobile app / web console. This SMS can be sent to customer / Web User / mobile user / anyone (even though they are not using FeetPort

For example if your mobile user has picked some product from customer,, then a confirmation SMS can be sent to customer confirming product and pick up details. Customer is also rest assured that their product is in safe hands. Let's learn how to configure these SMS in FeetPort:

To create an SMS template please follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. In your Navigation Menu, go to Configuration and click on Templates.
  2. Click on the plus '+' icon to add a new template and select SMS.
  3. Fill details with Name,Description and select an Activity.
  4. Create a customized SMS template with FORM DATA and META DATA.
  5. Click on next, confirm and finally click on FINISH.