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How to create Follow up for tasks?

Timely follow-ups with prospects can convert them into customers. It builds trust among the customers as it shows you “CARE” about them. It helps to get 'Continuous Feedback' and deal with Customer’s Issues in a timely manner.

For Follow up creation please follow steps mentioned below:

  1. From Navigation Menu, go to Configuration module and then Activities sub module.
  2. Choose the Activity.
  3. Go to Activity Settings 
  4. Click on Follow up (Revisit).
  5. Now click on Allow initiate Follow up from mobile if you want mobile users to create follow up if not then don't select.
  6. Chose the states and fields to be shown in task before and after follow up.
  7. You can restrict number of follow ups from Restriction based on option.
  8. Choose option like Create follow up task from and carry over fields as per your requirements.

To create Follow up from office please follow steps mentioned below:

  1. From Navigation Menu, go to Tasks module.
  2. Move the task to mobile state.
  3. Choose the Mobile User and click on Schedule.
  4. Chose the Date, Time and frequency of Follow ups (Customization can be done).
  5. Choose the scheduling based on mode (Date time or value of a field). Which is used to end the follow up loop.
  6. Once you have selected your preferred scheduling mode click on Schedule.

    After completing the task user will get the task again as a follow up(revisit) as per the preferred frequency of Follow up.