How to create Mobile User one by one?

User who have access to FeetPort Mobile application are called Mobile users. These IDs are created from FeetPort web console.

Let's create a mobile user  :-

1.Go to Identity & Users in FeetPort Navigation Menu.
2.Click on 'Mobile User'.


3.Click on '+' icon  to  add new user. 


4. Fill relevant details of user : First name, Last name, user name, Mobile number, Email ID, choose Supervisor, Password, Employee ID, Designation, Mobile supervisor, Shift Timings, Track interval, Allow Sign out, Achieve Days.


5.Click on SAVE and user is created.

6. Once user is created, click on mobile user ID to open.

7. Click on Assign Activity tab and assign activity.

8. Click on the territory appearing at left to assign and it will move to right.

9. Hence activity will be assigned to the created user.

10.Click on SAVE.