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How to create Order Form in Activity and map with activity?

Order Management is a very critical process for any organization dealing with Sale of products or items. Here we are guiding the procedure to create your own order activity in FeetPort web console.

You have already seen process to create collection in web console, don't worry we have listed the steps here as well so you need not juggle here and there. After that we have explained the process to map collection with Activity to create Order.

Its quite simple, let's learn how to do it:

Create Collection

  1. From Navigation Menu, choose the type of collection that needs to be created.
  2. Tap on Plus '+' Icon appearing on top right hand side to create new collection.
  3. Enter collection name.
  4. Click on any interface appearing on right side or drag the fields to create the form.
  5. Enter label name of interface and define other properties.
  6. Click  icon.
  7. Click SAVE.

Order Creation and Mapping with  Activity

Once Collection is created, we need to map the same with Activity to create Order, lets see how to do so :

  1. Create the Activity/ open the activity which you have created.
  2. Tap on Collection icon appearing on top, choose the checkbox against collection and choose your Collection.
  3. Select the check box against Order option appearing at bottom and a new tab of Order appears automatically.
  4. Drag 'Search' option to enter the Search Key and provide a Label. Under Order Field define as Search.
  5. Under 'Collection For Search' choose collection and under 'item' choose search key field name.
  6. Drag Number field and in its properties select Integer, under 'Order Field Type' click on' Quantity'
  7. Drag Text field and define label in its properties, choose collection name and choose Item to map collection field
  8. Drag Number field and in its properties select Integer, under 'Order Field Type' click on' Price'. Choose collection name and choose Price field under 'Item' to map collection field
  9. Lastly, drag Number field, name as Total to calculate total of the Order. Under 'Order Field Type' choose 'Total'
  10. Tap on Tick Mark to save the Activity






Map this Activity to the Mobile user and You are Good to Go!!!!