How to create territories/ hierarchy levels for an activity form?

Hierarchy levels represent the levels for segregation of data at deeper levels on based of location. Last level in hierarchy is the territory level which can be statewise, district or region wise. It helps the customer to view data as per the territory. 

Also, comparison can be done between different territories in terms of tasks done, visits done, orders taken etc.

Here is how you can create territory levels:

  1. From Navigation Menu, go to Configuration module and then click on Activities sub-module.
  2. Click on the ➕ icon to add new level.
  3. A new side window will appear. Select Organizational option.
  4. Enter Organization Name and Organization Code and click Create.
  5. Add as many organizational levels as required.
  6. Now click on the + icon on the last Organizational level and choose Territory.
  7. Enter Territory Name and Code.
  8. Also, you can add Catalogs for field users. (Optional)
  9. Click Create to create the territory level.
  10. Now simply view all the level by clicking on the activity.

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