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How to create triggers on task state change?

Trigger messages can be configured by the web user which can be sent to the customer as well as the supervisor/ web user through Email, SMs, Whatsapp or push notification. 

To add trigger messages, follow the below steps:

  1. From Navigation Menu, click on the Triggers module.
  2. Click on '+' icon to ad the trigger.
  3. Under Info tab, fill the fields like Name, Description, Type, Pick an activity, Execute timer and run which indicates the frequency of the trigger message.
  4. Under Condition tab, pick the filed to condition the trigger message. For example :- if you will choose the workflow state equal to Finish, then the trigger message will be sent on the the receiver's email when the task state will be updated to 'Finish'.
  5. Under Action tab, select field ( such as SMS, Email Whatsapp, Push notification), template ( message template) and receiver of the trigger message.
  6. Click on 'Create Trigger' to create the trigger.