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How to define a Turn-around-time/ SLA in FeetPort web?

SLA or TAT can be defined in FeetPort web where the managers can set a time limit for the tasks to be done. Based on these targets, manager can categorize the employees on the basis of productivity.

To define a SLA in FeetPort, follow below steps:

  1. From Navigation Menu, go to 'Configuration' module.
  2. Click on Activities sub module and you can view the list of all activities.
  3. Open the Activity by clicking the edit option.
  4. Tap on Activity Settings, tap on Turn around & escalation option.
  5. Now you have to add schemes to define the time limits. Click on Scheme 1.
  6. A drop window will appear. Now choose Source state, Transit state and Destination state.
  7. Now select Scheme type: Static (In static, you can add a fix TAT) or Dynamic (In dynamic, you can ad base TAT and basis on which you can define TAT for different levels)
  8. Select the TAT in minutes. Example : 10 mins is the TAT to be static for each task.
  9. Now you have to select Time for three levels: Productive, Neutral and Non-Productive. For example:

    Less than 20 min

    Neutral equal to 20 min

    More than 20 min

  10. Now click Back option and Save the activity.