How to define workflow to emulate my business process?

  1. From the left navigation, go to Workflow under Configuration
  2. Click on the + icon.
  3. Enter Name and Description of Workflow, and click Next.
  4. To add a new state, click on the + icon.
  5. Enter State Label, Description, State for and Properties required for the state, and click Save.  
  6. To edit the required state, click on Edit.
  7. To remove the required state, click on Remove.
  8. Now you can define Movement of State (Please make sure there are minimum two states present having "Move Case" as property) by clicking on Next.
  9. Click on Move To.
  10. Under mobile state movement, define the movement applicable to Mobile users.
  11. Declare movement State and Label.
  12. And, Under web state movement, define the movement applicable to Web users.
  13. Declare movement State.
  14. Click on Next.
  15. Check the Workflow properties.
  16. Click on Save, to finally save the Workflow. 
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