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How to enable user to 'Manually Defer' task from FeetPort ?

Web user can configure the settings for  users to save the task for later and submit afterwards. This option is known as Defer option.

In case user does not want to complete and submit the active after sometime, user can defer the task. This allows the user to go ahead with his work and start new task as FeetPort does not allow to active tasks at one time.

Let us know how to enable this option:

  1. From Navigation Menu, go to Configuration module and then Activities sub-module.
  2. Click on the pencil icon of the activity. 
  3. Go to the Settings tab.
  4. Click on Workflow States, a side window will appear from right.
  5. Under the Mobile tab, Click on the Advanced option.
  6. Scroll down to the Allow Manual Defer task.
  7. Click on arrow option.
  8. Finally click on Save to update the activity.