How to map check -in address with a form field in activity form?

There is a provision that FeetPort app automatically picks up location address visited when field user is filling form called Location Tag.
Location Tag is that unique feature of FeetPort through which a Web User can authenticate the visit of mobile user at a particular location. Location tag captures the Latitudes and Longitudes of the location with address.

Here's how you can configure the Location Tag in activity form:

  1. From Navigation Menu, click on Configuration module and then Activities sub-module.
  2. Click or drag the Location interface from the right hand side the to form.
  3. Assign the field to the field user.
  4. Select sub-type as per choice like 'with address' or 'without address'
  5. Now click on Save to save the activity.

Now mobile user can tag the location in the activity form and  the address of the customer along with Latitudes and Longitudes will be captured.

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