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How to retrieve a submitted task?

Web user can give permission to mobile user to retrieve the submitted task in case the mobile user wants to update the task later on. It can be done in through following steps:

  1. From the Navigation Menu, go to Workflow under Configuration module.
  2. Click on the workflow which has been  selected for the activity..
  3. To enable Retrieve task option in the state, click on edit option of particular state.
  4. In the state properties, select Retrieve task property. 
  5. Update Workflow.
  6. Now , go to Activities under Configuration module in Navigation Menu.
  7. Edit Activity.
  8. Click on the Workflow States
  9. Click on the Mobile state tab.
  10. Check Allow Retrieve Task.
  11. Select the states from which task can be retrieved.
  12. Enter Task retrieve Timeout in hours, up to which task can be retrieved.
  13. Update Activity.