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How to upload hierarchy in bulk .

FeetPort facilitates you with the option to allocate Hierarchy in bulk, hence multiple hierarchy can be done in one go. This saves lot of time & effort. To create hierarchy in Bulk follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Login into Feetport app and then Home page will be open.


  • Form the navigation menu choose Activities under Configuration.

  • Now user can see the Activites page will be open .
  • Select the Activity  Form to create Hierachy in bulk.

  • Now user can see there will be a Download Arrow in the upper right side of the corner.
  • Click on the Downlaod Arrow to download the templates to create Hierarchy in excel sheet.


  • Excel sheet will be uploaded, now user can enter the data accordingly in the given fields such as Name(Hierarchy/Territory ), Type(organisation or territory), Parent( Hierarchy/Organisation name ),Username(username of the assigned user).


  • Now save the data after creating hierarchy in bulk.