How to view and create Triggers in FeetPort?

Triggers module allows you to create trigger messages on various platforms like Email, SMS, Whatsapp etc. Once created, triggers can be modified at any point of time by Admin User from FeetPort web portal.

To view and update triggers, follow these steps:

  1. From Navigation Menu, click on Configuration.
  2. Click on Triggers sub-module.
  3. Now you will be able to view list of all triggers. Click on the trigger that you want to modify or change.
  4. Under Info tab, edit the fields like Name, Description, Type, Pick an activity, Execute timer and run which indicates the frequency of the trigger message.
  5. Under Condition tab,  change the condition for the trigger message. For example :- if you will choose the workflow state equal to Finish, then the trigger message will be sent on the the receiver's email when the task state will be updated to 'Finish'.
  6. Under Action tab, select action field ( such as SMS, Email Whatsapp, Push notification), template ( message template) and receiver of the trigger message.
  7.  Click Update to save changes.