Location Tracking

Location Tracking is a technology that physically locate and electronically record and track the movement of the Users. Location tracking technology is in use with GPS navigation. Since smartphones have a GPS chip, using multiple satellites, a GPS device identify it's longitude and latitude location and send the information to FeetPort Application. Because the location coordinates are sent to a FeetPort which included map, the location of the user is identified and displayed.It is updated live according to the time interval set for tracking.The accuracy of GPS tracking can be affected by various factors. These include the quality of the GPS receiver, so if high accuracy GPS is important.


Location of the mobile user can be tracked if access of Location Analytics Module is given to the user in the Manager Console. Other device information of the mobile user can be viewed like Battery Status, Network, Internet, Mock location Enabled, Developer Option. Select the Mobile User Id, date and click on Play button to playback the location tracking sequentially. Even the tracking information can be downloaded in excel by clicking on Excel Sheet icon which appears on the right hand side near telephone Icon in the Location Analytics Module.


Latest location of All Mobile Users can be viewed in a single screen by clicking on Birds Eye view icon on the top right hand side in the Location Analytics module.


Call Logs_Cals made through within the App can be viewed by clicking on telephone icon on right hand side in the Location Analytics module for a particular mobile user.


Filters can be applied while location tracking. Location can be track of a particular mobile user by selecting Mobile User Id and for a particular date by selecting date option.


Mobile user profile screen can be access within Location tracking module by clicking on profile pic icon former to telephonic icon.