Upload Collection Data

Once the collection is created, data can be uploaded in three simple steps as mentioned :

  1. Under Foundation tap on Collection 
  2. Click on '+' to upload
  3. Data can be uploaded in two ways
    • One by one
    • Bulk Upload
  4. In One to one, single record is added. Click on '+' icon to add information in the respective fields and click SUBMIT


  1. For Bulk Upload, click on Excel option
  2. Click on Download Template , since there is a specific format to upload data. Update the data in the template (ensure that you have filled the relevant columns)
  3. EIther Drag and Drop the excel file or upload by choosing the same and click on UPLOAD
  4. The data is uploaded and the entire collection is visible.BIIu7aNGy2LdL0w6-Upload-Collection-Data-in-bulk.gif



Reference Page : Mapping Collection