Web User Creation

Web user are the one who access FeetPort console for fetching reports/ task assignment etc. These IDs can be created one by one or by Bulk Uploading. Let's see both the options :

 One By One Create each user by entering relevant information, please follow below steps :

  1. Go to identity management in FeetPort navigation Menu
  2. Click on 'Web User' option under Identity management
  3. Click on create icon (plus icon on the right hand side)
  4. Fill all the details : First name, last name, User ID, Mobile Number, Email ID,Password,Designation, Supervisor name, Employee Code,Shift Timings, Track Interval, Conveyance,Archive Days,choose allow Sign out, Select Mandatory Task location, Mandatory Field Tracking.
  5. Click 'Save' to create user.webusercreationonebyone.gif

Bulk upload :

Users can be created in Bulk by updating data in excel sheet. Follow the below steps :

  1. Click on Web user option under Identity management Console.
  2. Click on Bulk User option to upload excel
  3. Click on UPLOAD and users are createdwebuserbulk.gif