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What is a Workflow?

A workflow is the sequence of processes through which a task (a piece of work) passes from initiation to completion. In simple words, a workflow is a set of different stages of a task.

Why are workflows needed?

Workflows comprise of various stages/ states that can help in segregating and defining the movement of the task.  Based on its current status, a task traverses through multiple states before its completion.  Each workflow state has individual settings and permissions that control the inflow and outflow of tasks in that state.

How to create a Workflow?

One can create custom workflows for their organization. Each workflow state can then be configured according to the need of the company and the nature of the task.

To know how to create a task, please refer to this link.

    Workflow state properties
    1. State for (Mobile user/Web user/Public User): This refers to which user will be able to access this certain state
    2. Create task:  Allow task creation in that particular state
    3. Bulk upload: Uploading excel files are allowed like bulk upload 
    4. Edit task: Allow editing allocated tasks
    5. Assign priority to task: Allow prioritization of tasks in that state
    6. Create linked task in stage: 
    7. Send a follow up (Revisit): Create a follow-up form of a completed visit
    8. Export PDF: Export .pdf file of completed tasks
    9. Export Media:  Export media attached with completed tasks
    10. View Timeline: Allow capturing logs of each activity on a task
    11. View task location: Allow viewing the location of a task at the time of completion 
    12. Move task in stage: Allow movement of task from one stage to another
    13. Assign task in stage: Allow assignment of task from one stage to another
    14. Transfer task in stage: Allow transfer of task directly one stage to other skipping a stage in between
    15. Delete task: Allow deleting a created task
    16. Order feature:  (Order taken): Allow receiving orders / (Order dispatch): Allow order dispatching