Configure Score

Scoring gives an Extra boost to the team. FeetPort has this unique feature to include / define scoring into your activity. Scoring is defined for fields that have multiple / single selection fields. Based on what value user choose, score is calculated at end of the task. This scoe is sum of all the options cj=hosen in the respective fields. Mobile user can view the score at the time of task completion.Let us show you how to do that :

  1. Open the Activity in which you have Multi/ Single Selection fields
  2. Open properties of field that has Multi/ Single Selection option.
  3. In properties define Score against each option
  4. Click on Activity Settings, select the Score option
  5. Choose "show score" option
  6. Save the Activity                       piGBcIvZxun3ux5s-score-config.gif
  7. Once user taps on FINISH tab, Score is calculated and displayed.



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