Create an Activity

Activity is a digital formation of any Hard copy format. You can convert any hard copy format into digital form using different interfaces in FeetPort. Let's learn how to Create an Activity :

  1. From the navigation bar on the left in FeetPort Web Console, click on Configuration and then Activity.  
  2. Tap on plus Icon on the top right side to create a new activity
  3. Enter Activity name
  4. Enter six digit Activity code by tapping on Configuration icon appearing at the top
  5. Choose your Workflow from the list and tap on the Back arrow
  6. Different Interface appears on the right side, pick and drop the Interfaces as per requirements like text, name, number, image, signature, audio, NFC, File Attachment and others. Each interface has different properties / settings of their own which user can define based on their requirements. Click on the properties icon and define these settings accordingly. You may define Sub types of the fields.
  7. Tap on properties against each field to define field settings
  8. Activity settings can be defined by tapping on "Activity Settings " at top. These settings may be done basis your requirements.
  9. Tap on tick mark icon appearing at top right to SAVE the Activity.




Modify an Activity

Delete an Activity

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