Create and upload tasks in Bulk

FeetPort facilitates you with option to allocate task in bulk, hence multiple tasks can be assigned to multiple users in one go. This saves lot of time & effort.

  • Click on Tasks in FeetPort Navigation menu
  • Choose Activity under Organization level for which allocation need to be done



  • Click on create task (a '+' icon on the top )


  • Click on Bulk Upload option


  • Click on Excel tab to upload file

  • Click on "Download template" to download format for uploading task in bulk


  • Enter data in template as per format, mention 58 in State column and enter Mobile user ID whom task needs to be assigned. (Please note user credentials are case sensitive hence IDs should be mentioned in proper case). In case yu don't wish to assign task to any user and just want to Insert them FeetPort for the time being then mention 57 in State column and "none" in mobile user. Task assignment can be done later as per requirement.


  • Choose file and Click on UPLOAD button

  • Tasks are allocated to respective users and they'll receive them in their mobile app.



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