Creating Package

Package is a sub-type of collection which can categories segment wise product so user can search by a particular category as well. Multiple results will be populated against the same.

To create a package follow below mentioned steps:

  1. Go to Foundation module and click on collection sub module in FeetPort web console
  2. Click on +  to add new collection
  3. Name the collection a and configure it with code
  4. Choose sub type as product only since we are creating package
  5. Add fields like name number and save the collection
  6. After saving the collection go back to collection submodule
  7. Click on package option and click next to view 
  8. Click on plus icon to add new package
  9. Enter package name and description and submit
  10. Now click on package and then click on plus icon to add data
  11. Add data one by one or in bulk and upload

Now Package is created, mobile user will be able to fetch multiple data out of single collection.


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