Creating Subscriber

A subscriber is non user of FeetPort, basically person who doesn't have access to either FeetPort mobile app or web console but still wants an update on nay activity happening. Let's take an example, employees who are not directly heading a team want an update of activities happening eg sales done / visits done , but they don't have a FeetPort ID. We can create them as subscriber hence they can get an update either through sms / email on activities happening on the ground. These sms/ email can be configured as per the process requirement. 

To create a subscriber and map with Mobile user please follow below mentioned steps:

  1. Go to Identity Management module and click on subscriber sub module
  2. Click on '+' icon to add subscriber
  3. Fill the details like name, city, state, email, number and grade and save it
  4. Now go to Mobile user sub module to assign users with subscriber
  5. Click on mobile user and go to Subscribers tab
  6. Assign the user with subscriber
  7. Save the changes 


Now as per configurations done in activity regarding sms / email these subscriber will receive the same on action performed.

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