Follow up creation

For Follow up creation please follow steps mentioned below:

  • Choose the activity
  • Go to activity settings 
  • Click on Follow up (Revisit)
  • Now click on Allow initiate Follow up from mobile if you want mobile users to create follow up if not then don't select
  • Chose the states and fields to be shown in task before and after follow up
  • You can restrict number of follow ups from Restriction based on option
  • Choose option like Create follow up task from and carry over fields as per your requirements

To create Follow up from office please follow steps mentioned below:

  • Move the task to mobile state
  • Chose the Mobile user and click on schedule
  • Chose the Date, Time and frequency of Follow ups (Customization can be done)
  • Choose the scheduling based on mode (Date time or value of a field). Which is used to end the follow up loop
  • Once you have selected your preferred scheduling mode click on schedule

To create Follow up from the application please follow steps mentioned below:

  • Open the activity
  • Go to scheduled tab
  • To create a task click on the Plus icon on top
  • Fill the details required and choose schedule option
  • Choose date and time
  • Click on Right icon on right hand top side


After completing the task user will get the task again as a follow up(revisit) as per the preferred frequency of Follow up. 

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